International Research

Do you want to survey the World?

Try Demoscopy, the solution to get the answers you need from the most challenging audiences, across the Globe!

Providing a unique geographical coverage, Demoscopy offers quantitative research services, ranging from ad hoc surveys to omnibus studies.

We conduct online, telephone or face-to-face interviews depending on the research needs. Our approach to international research involves training local fieldwork staff, supervising of fieldwork activities, monitoring data collection and management, ensuring quality, and handling data entry and data cleaning both locally and remotely.

Our historical database of questions enables us to suggest the most efficient questionnaire to our clients. “Reinventing the wheel” is a typical trap that Market Research companies often fall into. At Demoscopy, we make our clients leverage close to three decades of experience in designing meaningful questionnaires allowing both the best possible response rates and unbiased answers.

Our proprietary sociodemographic database which constantly being updated, enables us to draw samples in the most efficient and accurate way for our clients, be it for Public at large targets or professional ones.

Vox Mea, the solution to get the answers you need from the most challenging audiences.

Our commitments:

Consistency, Replicability, Reliability, Timely and Cost effectiveness.

The success of any multi-country project always comes down to these 5 essential elements:

  • A consistent research methodology will produce reliable results across different instances and contexts
  • Replicability is a cornerstone of scientific rigor, as it affirms the credibility of research findings and ensures that the results are not anomalies, but reflective of genuine phenomena
  • The outcomes of our research projects are not affected by random variations. Our rigorous methods imply the importance of eliminating bias and error in measurements and observations
  • We produce results within a relevant and appropriate timeframe, ensuring that the data and findings are available when they are needed for decision-making processes
  • We always ensure optimal use of resources, providing valuable insights and outcomes without unnecessary expenditure

The process

Demoscopy has developed an efficient and reliable process to ensure the best quality in the data collected but also the relevancy of the targeting strategy.

Our experts work closely with our clients to ensure a tailor-made survey design that answers all kinds of business questions, across all industries and markets.

Who can you get answers from?

The sampling solutions put in place by Demoscopy gives you access to a wide range audiences. Because we leverage the power and the precision of the most advanced panel management procedures, the variety of profiles you can interview is almost limitless.

You want to interview a sample of the public at large or a simply a subset of it? No problem! Demoscopy’s sampling methods are based on the latest census data made available by national Institutes of Statistics, official sources and other renowned longitudinal academic studies.

You are interested in conducting a study amongst one of your persona that was discovered during a recent segmentation? No worries! Demoscopy has access to thousands of sociodemographic and behavioral variables that can, when combined, match any targeted persona.