What Matters.

International Public Opinion Research
has never been easier!

Innovative Market Research and Survey solutions

Our commitments



  • Market Research and Survey solutions with proven sampling methods for all types of audiences (from General Population or Enterprises to extreme niche targeting)

  • Quality of questionnaire design
  • Automated and AI-enabled Data quality checks

  • Advanced Data cleaning and weighting procedures



  • Depending on targets, results between 24 hours and 5 days
  • Constant online access to progress of fieldwork in real-time

  • Partial weighted data always accessible

  • Data immediately available after completion of the fieldwork


  • Guaranteed operational answers and insights

  • Reliable international comparisons

  • Sharable results across the organization to ensure adoption

  • Practical and actionable recommendations to maximise ROI

What makes Demoscopy

so unique?

Demoscopy’s raison d’ĂȘtre is to constantly improve and simplify the execution of International Public Opinion Research projects.

Thanks to its Global reach and Local knowledge of specific cultural challenges, Demoscopy acts as a true “Glocal” partner for any organization wishing to compare opinion across different countries, regions or continents, while taking into account local nuances.

To guarantee accuracy, speed and impact, Demoscopy draws on both the expertise of its global network of independent market research and polling agencies and its best-in-class coordination processes to deliver the most reliable research conducted on any type of target group.

Demoscopy’s innovative project management methods, combined with its automated and AI-enabled quality controls, make it the partner of choice for any organization willing to draw conclusions and take decisions based on public opinion research in a reliable manner.

Leverage the most experienced Network of Market Research and Polling Agencies in the World